R&B Ribs and Burgers


Ribs & Burgers

Original Burger with Cheese and Bacon $14

Burger Rating 10

Shop 94-96 3 Separation St, Northcote

Dining Accomplices – Angela H, Theo & Polly

The Original

160g char grilled beef patty, basted, iceberg lettuce, tomato, red onion, fill pickles, pink  & bbq sauces,  on a fresh sesame see bun
It was wonderful.  Char grilled, juicy, meaty, ticked all the boxes.  Juice dripping down your arms. Rich chunky steaky meat. Heavenly sauces. Fresh salad.  Just magnificent.  My only criticism was that the bacon was on the salty side, and lost the bacon flavor being overpowered by salt.  Aside from the salty bacon, it was just magnificent.

Theo went face first into his Wagyu burger and emerged sauce faced and victorious

225g premium Wagyu beef, tomato, spanish onions, pickle, onion rings, and sauces $18

Ange had the 3 mini burgers – one lamb, one chicken, one beef $17

She said the lamb was disappointing, the beef was good, and the chicken was delicious.

As we had been watching Man VS Food Nation all afternoon, we took it a step too far ordering a large chips and a serve of the pork riblets. $19

The ribs were perfect.  Not fatty or oily. Sweet, fresh, charred and sticky. Yummo!

I loved the condiment counter that customers can help themselves to

A fine selection for the table

And of course – the aftermath

We ate so much we couldn’t see straight.  It was epic. It was delicious. And I can’t wait for the next one..

The serving was a little erratic – 10 minutes between the first person’s dish arriving and the last persons. But they did apologise…

Burger Rating

What made it special? – the flavour, the basting

Wait time – 15 mins

Meatiness – 10/10

Juiciness – 10/10

Sauces – 10/10

Bun – 10/10

Value for $$$ – 10/10

Fullness feeling post burger – 10/10

Overall – 10/10
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