Kraze Burger

Kraze Burger / Kozzi Burger / Ex-Danny’s Burgers



164 Barkley St, St Kilda

Dining Accomplice – Angela H

Sorry, no picture


This was a pretty disappointing start to the burger quest.

The plan was to go to Souper Burger on Barkley Street after reading the review on The Burger Adventure Blog – but Ange and I drove round the block twice trying to find a park with no success.

There was a brightly lit burger joint opposite The National Theatre – and we grabbed a spot right out the front.  There were 4 or 5 guys in there waiting, so that’s usually a good sign.

The windows had a sign bragging that it is Matt Preston’s favourite burger place – so how bad could it be?

(We later learned that this claim to fame was for the previous owner when it was known as ‘Danny’s Burgers’) – false advertising!  It was also confusing because the sign says Kozzi burger, but the docket said Kraze Burger.

The young man at the cash register needed our assistance to split the $17 change in to two even amounts – the joys of being a primary school teacher!

Not expensive – $12 each for a double patty with the basics plus bacon and a serve of chips to share (which turned out to be massive)

The meat was good quality, but overcooked and there was nothing between the meat layers. So it was roll, lettuce (no mayo or anything else), tomato, two dry patties and a tiny bit of sauce.  It needed cheese or more sauce or something to bring it all together.

An underwhelming start.

Burger Rating

What made it special? – nothing much

Wait time – 8 minutes

Meatiness – 8/10

Juiciness – 3/10

Sauces – 3/10

Bun – 7/10

Value for $$$ – 9/10

Fullness feeling post burger – 9/10
Overall – 5.5/10
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