Bess burger, 100% cape grim beef, gherkin, iceberg lettuce, bacon & fries $22

Burger Rating 9.1

105 Swan Street, Richmond

Dining Accomplice –Lady Catherine

The plan was to go to Huxtaburger to try some of the other menu items – but Fate intervened – when we arrived we found it closed.

Luckily we had a shortlist of ‘to-do’ burger places, the closest being Bess in Richmond.

We jumped back in the car and called to ensure that it wasn’t closed – a friendly voice at the other end said “Of course we’re open, we’re open all day!”

It was freezing cold and raining – so it was wonderful to step through the doors, to find the restaurant to be warm and cozy with a roaring fire.  It has a quaint European country house feel.

The only other diners were a lovely couple who were on the tail end of a degustation lunch – they were very personable and were kind enough to take some photos for us, telling us that this is their regular lunch spot.

They tucked in to a stunning looking cheese board and we ordered our burgers.

The barman and waitress were really lovely and welcoming.

The burger was worth the wait.

Thick, juicy, generous.

Grilled bacon, not too  sweet brioche.

A nice little personalized paper envelope of chips – hot, crispy, salty, with fresh herbs.

The only tiny criticism, is that the bun itself was a tiny bit dry.

But the whole experience was just so pleasurable.

Please click on this link for the dessert review:

They couple left and the waitress commented that the gentleman’s mother was a famous artist.  I asked her who? She said, the artist who did the murals at Flinders Street.  Mirka Mora – who is a friend of my father’s and is my brother’s Godmother! I just wish we’d found out while he was still at the Restaurant!  Another reason to go back – aside from the menu.


What made it special? – the venue, the quality of the whole experience

Wait time – 20 minutes

Meatiness – 9

Juiciness – 10

Sauces – 8

Bun – 8, nice for a brioche bun – not too sweet, but a tiny bit dry

Value for $$$ – 10

Fullness feeling post burger – 10 if you eat slowly to enjoy the experience with the fries which it is served with a nice bottle of sparking mineral water

Overall – 9.1

Bess Richmond on Urbanspoon


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