Drugstore Espresso / The Burger Joint

The Burger Joint – Upstairs (all 7 of them, little stairs)

The Classic – moondarra tajima wagyu, blt, fried egg, ranch dressing

All burgers $12.50.

Served with house cut chips and pickles. Beef burgers are freshly minced onsite and are served pink unless requested otherwise. Add or subtract items $1/item


194 Toorak Road – Corner Toorak Rd and William St, South Yarra (opposite Claremont St)

Dining Accomplice – Little Miss Sophie


The service was… odd…. After waiting about 5 minutes the waiter took our drink order and then disappeared. 10 minutes later a waitress asked for our drink order, which we said the waiter had taken but we’d like to order. Almost 10 minutes later he arrives with the drinks, the wrong kind of Coke for Soph and says sorry I took so long I forgot which Coke you ordered…. Then another 15 minutes goes by before our burgers finally arrive (The place was only half full) and placed on the table as we are told, sorry for the wait it normally only takes 10-12 minutes for your meals… Um, thanks? Why are you telling us that when our burgers have taken almost twice that time? He is quite cheery and we are quite hungry, it wasn’t a big deal, but it was…. odd….

I’m intrigued by the other burgers…. So they will get one more chance to impress me. It is a very new establishment, so I guess they’re still getting in to the swing of things. But they need to fix that bacon, because people like me that their bacon VERY seriously.


My burger: moondarra tajima wagyu, bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, ranch dressing.

The burger itself had a strange texture – a crust all the way round that tasted more like it had been deep fried than grilled. It was bordering on well done which was strange as the menu declares all burgers are served pink. My least favourite part was the bacon – weird hammy little strings rather than a generous piece of crispy grilled bacon.

Other than that, the flavours were good, the egg was nicely cooked, the burger lacked sauce (couldn’t taste the ranch, stingy on the tomato sauce.) The brioche roll was not too sweet, but it was quite flaky which meant it began to fall apart when you held it.

The chips were amazing – huge, skin on, fluffy potato inside – delicious

Soph excited by the arrival of her Hellenic Burger with floating pickle…. 12 hour lamb shoulder, tahini yoghurt, red pepper. She said though it was messy, it was very tasty and they could have been more generous with the tahini yoghurt.


What made it special? – Funky venue, Good Music, Interesting Menu

Wait time – From being seated, to ordering, to the burger arrival – 25+ minutes

Meatiness – 7

Juiciness – 7

Sauces – 5

Bun – 6 Very buttery, not too sweet, too flakey

Value for $$$ – 10

Fullness feeling post burger – 9

Overall – 7.3

BurgerJoint on Urbanspoon


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