Nshry (Pronounced ‘Noshery’)

THURSDAY NIGHT IS BURGER NIGHT $27 for burger and beer/beverage

They serve  the Umami Burger and 2 other burgers which change weekly

When we went it was a lamb or chicken option (we chose the lamb)

Umami Burger – 200g Wagyu and Angus beef cooked to medium rare, Umami rub, brown mushroom sauce, gruyere, caramelised onions, oven roasted tomato and a parmesan crisp between a sweet brioche bun with a side of beer battered chips, slaw (may contain traces of nuts), cornichons, spicy chip dip, tomato sauce and wasabi kewpie


129a Beaconsfield Parade, Albert Park

Dining Accomplice – Angela H

It was freezing cold, the wind whipping off the beach. A quick ‘run’ from the car to the restaurant. Thank goodness we booked because there are only 6 or so tables – NOTE!

Thursday night is burger night – the award winning Umami burger is always on the menu, and then there are 2 other burgers that change. We decided to get the Umami burger and the Lamb burger which they cut in half for us in order to share.

The wait was long, but that’s because they’re taking their time and treating the ingredients with care.  The staff were lovely and helpful and friendly.

When the burgers arrived the first thing I noticed  was how big the patties were, and that got me super excited.

First the lamb burger – the zucchini chips were salty, crisp and delicious.  I loved the little Greek-esque side salad with capers instead of olives.  But the burger itself was interesting…. A big sweet oozy hunk of lamb that tasted like Hoisin sauce, it had a lovely crust, but no char flavor and instead of salad in the burger it had a japanese seaweed salad.  The brioche bun was sweet, with the sweetness of the lamb that is natural as well as the sticky hoisin and the slightly plasticy texture of the seaweed salad.  There was no crunch, and it was lacking an acid/tangy element.  It was good, but slightly unbalanced and a little bit too sweet (burger dessert? just kidding)

The Umami burger was served with wonderful beer batter fries – soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, a nice fresh crunchy slaw, tangy little cornichons, the burger itself was rich and meaty, with amazing mushroom flavors, I loved the parmesan. I would have liked some rocket as something green and slightly peppery.  But that meat was epic!

And then ‘we’ had to have a little something sweet…. I say ‘we’ when it was me who wanted just that bit of sweetness to balance the meaty dinner.

Pineapple fritters with coconut icecream $14.50

I loved it, though Ange wasn’t a fan (or was too full)

I loved the doughnut filled with fresh tangy pineapple and then the soothing creaminess of the coconut.

Burger Rating

Wait time – 20/25 minutes


What made it special? – The epic meat patty, the umami factor of the mushrooms and the parmesan.

Meatiness – 10/10

Juiciness – 10/10

Sauces – 10/10

Bun – 7/10

Value for $$$ – 8/10

Fullness feeling post burger – 8/10

Overall – 8.8/10


What made it special? – The unusual flavor combination – East meets Greek

Meatiness – 8/10 (a little bit fatty for my liking, not chunks of fat, but liquid fat through the meat)

Juiciness – 9/10

Sauces – 6/10 The hoi sin was a bit too sweet along with the sweet lamb and the sweet bun

Bun – 8/10 Not too sweet brioche

Value for $$$ – 8/10

Fullness feeling post burger – 7/10

Overall – 7.6/10

Nshry on Urbanspoon


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